The world of financial markets, Wall Street and the stock exchange are no strangers to the film industry. So today I will tell you about the best commercial films, starting with the great Hollywood industry, which often based its feature films on this topic. And, of course, if this item has enough fabric to cut….
A crook who is successful, glamorous and moving in large economic spheres is a prototype of this type of film. The world of cinema (I don’t say anything) has portrayed this world of the stock market and financial markets as a frivolous, dishonest and materialistic world.
Besides, I don’t know, I feel that the concept of money is demonized by many factors (religion, politics, news and even cinema itself), knowing that money is just one of the tools we use to achieve some of our dreams, even if it helps others through donations.
So, the partners already in business, I want to leave you a list of the best trading films, Wall Street and financial markets, from the many others I’ve seen, to understand the whole world of the stock exchange a little bit more. They are something like “MUST” to me for all those who are passionate about this topic and those who want to deepen their knowledge and understand how it works. Well, here you go!

Marginal demand” (Price of greed)

I must admit that when I first saw this film, I did not understand much, because I knew very little about the financial market. Thus, this film is similar to one of those books (Sidhart type) in which everyone who sees it has a more complete picture of the subject, depending on where it is at.
Margin Call is an American film from 2011, which tells the story of the complex financial crisis of 2008 on Wall Street. It’s an exciting film that captivates from start to finish, and part of its appeal is that it is inspired by real events. One of the things I liked most was the use of technical concepts specific to financial markets, such as derivatives, guarantees and margins.
A novice employee of a powerful investment bank discloses information and data that can lead to the company’s collapse. This cassette covers the lives of 8 company employees who were at a crossroads 24 hours before the 2008 financial crisis and will have to make moral and financial decisions before the disaster strikes.

Wall Street Wolf.

Undoubtedly, this film is one of the best on the financial markets. Another film about real events, this time about the events in the life of the great New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort. The film received 5 nominations for the Oscar 2013 award.
This is a recent film (2013), played by Leonardo Dicaprio, who is an honest young man who pursued the American dream, but soon his ambition and desire for power, working in a securities agency, led him to be a man of excesses, in which he lacked anything. Drugs, women, money, power and lack of fear of the law forced this man, known as the “Wolf of Wall Street”.
It’s a film that I recommend we watch with a very critical eye. It is a pure entertainment product that tells a specific story that exists in this environment, but is not a generalized reality of what is moving in the stock market world.

The Big Short

The Americans are doing it again. This film again mentions the global economic crisis of 2008. Based on the film “Grandma Apesta” by writer Michael Lewis.
Director Adam Mackay is temporarily in this production 3 years before the 2008 crisis caused by the crisis caused by subprime mortgage loans in the USA, which mainly affected the entire financial system. The film tells about the adventures of several financial investors, who noticed the bankruptcy of the American real estate sector and decided not to even take a risky decision.
What impressed me the most about this film is how it puts you at the root of the 2008 financial crisis, even before it happened, with the help of history, and what I believe is a topic not only for those interested in the stock market, but also mainly in general culture.

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