Learn a little more about forex

Learn a little more about forex

Many investors who enter the forex market have negative returns and decide to leave the market. The causes of these failures are often repeated among beginners; among them we can mention the following: inadequate training, lack of strategic plan, little objectivity (influence of emotions), and so on. This is why, in order to reduce the risk of capital loss, before participating in the forex market, you should dedicate the necessary time to learn about this market and its operation, until you feel comfortable and safe, both with the theoretical concepts and with the operation of your particular platform.
Learning forex can be a slow process and you will need to be patient. While we may be very tempted by all the possibilities this market offers, you should not forget that it is a very risky market and you may lose your money. In case you have not yet completed the learning process and want to invest in forex, keep in mind that an option may be to trade with a professional advisor or using a subscription-based signal system.

Basic knowledge of forex trading

1. Technical Analysis
2. Fundamental Analysis
3. Advanced knowledge of forex market trading
4. Trading with different platforms in demo mode
5. Development of one or more strategies. Elaboration of a plan that takes into account the risk management for your particular case.
6. Backtesting strategies and testing with real-time data
7. Correction and formalization of the strategy
8. Evaluation and learning of the operation with a chosen broker
9. Trade with a not very high amount of real money, increase the amounts traded after a period of time.
In this plan to learn forex is only one option. You should take into account your particular situation.

This site is intended to support your learning process, but there are many more sites with useful tips for learning forex, as well as books, CDs and training courses. Learning forex is a continuous process, you never get to know this market perfectly, nor do you ever get to know yourself. A fundamental aspect is to know how to handle your emotions, the first step for this is to identify your moods other influences of the environment that can diminish your objectivity. If you don’t have enough experience, you can easily be influenced by the opinions of others, by television news and even by your own state of mind.

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