THE BENEFITS OF MODERN TRADING -provides a good quality of life


Of course, there are many advantages to trading, but like any enterprise, investment or job that provides a good quality of life, it requires a lot of effort to get results and is far from being a quick return.
There are many hours of study and practice that you have to start to see significant results, and those who want to do it, please take it seriously and professionally! And it’s no different from any other job, you need to always have those flying hours that are necessary to achieve the mastery of what is offered, and that’s what knowledge accompanied by the time that will give them the experience that will again be the one that will then give them a taste of the sweet drops of freedom that I’m sure is what we’re all looking for.
I was touched by the cases of newcomers who believe that at the end of the video on Youtube and at the end of an article or book they are ready to enter the business and snatch food from sharks such as Oliver Velez (or any other professional in the field), who already have more than 32 years of experience in the financial markets, and who have already seen all sorts of situations, charts, sudden drops, sudden ups and downs, in short… People who already have the necessary flight hours (which I was talking about) and aren’t even crazy would have let the newcomer sit down at the table and take some of their food!

the ways in which bokres and trading act

And if these big fish are hungry, that’s why I always advise beginners to prepare everything in their power to keep them from becoming their food, or brokers (those who live on social networks free of charge), who mostly live – to go to the top of extravagant commissions, which, of course, there is, a beginner does not even realize that he is…
What they do is open them a “free” account, sometimes they even give them $50 in credit (with their limitations to make them effective even) to excite them, so that a small percentage of them earn some money, and already the new Warren Buffets cryolloses feel, and there, if they can put their words (without prior acquisition of this necessary knowledge), resulting in something we all know! The absolute disappearance of his short capital, as if he were the best of the wizards of Las Vegas, the boom, the chaolin pengwin of his precious savings, the dear friend… And that’s when they go out on the streets (to join this pessimism of the masses) and say: “But if I try, but no, it doesn’t work”, “it’s impossible to make money on it”, “it’s impossible”, “it’s impossible”, “it’s futures, “it’s possible to make money”.

Danny, what’s the difference between trade and investment? –


The investor projects his profit for the long term, which, having received it, he is preparing to reinvest and thus increase his capital. In trading (or rather in day trading as we do), transactions are short-term, open and closed on the same day, allowing you to make a profit (or loss if you don’t have that experience) on a daily basis and the availability of money is almost instantaneous. An investor usually invests a certain amount of money and then makes a profit, which requires a waiting time of months or even years, depending on the investment,
And you know what, I think that daily trading is the safest way to invest capital when we talk about stocks, because your capital is “exposed” to very little risk in the market compared to long-term investments. For example, I would like to work only on the opening of the New York Stock Exchange, I have days when I trade only 4, 12, 15, maximum, I would say about 30 minutes, that is very little time.

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